1. Are you a hiring manager? – 5 reasons why you are likely NOT seeing the best candidates

    1. Lack of focus on a deep search for the role. This one is HUGE and see it so often. Many TA strategies are just focused on ‘getting a role filled fast’…..Some factors to consider; ·     How busy is the HR/TA/Agent that is tasked with filling your role? ·     How much of a focus is your role for […]

  2. Talent Acquisition terms of engagement for vendors – How do they affect your talent acquisition strategy and success?

    These days many terms of engagement read quite similarly and seem quite aged (maybe even the same document from 10 years ago with just a few ‘numerical adjustments)! However, one question I often look to answer, is ‘what are these terms looking to incentivize’? So often, you will see terms of engagement for recruitment services […]

  3. Manage cost & risk in recruitment in Asia – 1 year candidate Guarantee

    We are proud of our service and have full confidence in our product. Did you know? We offer a guarantee period of up to 1 year for all placements made within a partnership agreement (no extra cost). Learn more about this and other services we offer to help you recruit the best talent in the […]

  4. Talent Shortage……really?

    Almost daily it seems, there is a new article on talent shortages. However, it is important to see how this ‘talent shortage’ conclusion is reached to understand how real it might be. Seemingly, it is often reached by various surveys of ‘hiring managers’ (HM), or human resources (HR) and their view of time to hire/difficulty […]

  5. ジェンダー・ダイバーシティ – テクノロジーの分野で活躍する女性たち (Gender Diversity – Women in Technology)

    ジェンダー・ダイバーシティ – テクノロジーの分野で活躍する女性たち   私たちは、テクノロジー、メディア、またはテレコミニュケーションの分野で活躍する女性たちを支援し、クライアント企業の多様なチームによるパフォーマンスの向上をサポートするべく、ジェンダー・ダイバーシティ/テクノロジーの分野で活躍する女性たちに特化した部署を立ち上げました。     We have recently launched a division focused on Gender Diversity / Women in Technology to support our clients in improving the performance of their organisation with high performing, gender diverse teams while also supporting professional, females in the technology, media or telecommunications sector in their career.   See […]

  6. ELITE RPO – Outsource your recruitment to ELITE GROUP

    Recruitment Product: ELITE RPO   Outsource your recruitment to ELITE GROUP;                Why? Save Cost: Potential for huge cost savings Commercial: Easy to start & Can position more competitively than an existing PSL Manage Cash flow better: No ‘one off’ fees payable Multiple sources of talent: Head hunted, social media, network, exclusive, advertised etc. […]